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K had a chance to head to this amazing store. These guys carry all kinds of brands from devinci to kona to giant etc etc. A real specialty shop for bikes, and their pricing is very fair did some local research and they come highly recommended.

Now i spoke to the sales guy, he asked about my height this and that and suggested that i go with a 29er, he mentioned all the positives and attributes which made sense. The only bike that he carries in 29 inch is the Kona line up, and the one in my price range is the Kona kahuna

then there is the big Kahuna for 600$ more

a few questions for you guys.

since i'm 6'3 it kinda makes sense to have a 29er correct?

Is Kona a good bike, and the 600$ difference between the kahuna and big kahuna, would i notice in my intended use the component difference?

I don't like the color too much, but what can i do. 3 weeks to order and receive.

what other 29er do you guys recommend from other brands.
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