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Originally Posted by mgremillion09 View Post
I feel as if that would be awkward. You said there are a lot of older members. I know 20Ducks was pretty cool, but I just don't know how comfortable I would be showing up to these things without being a member after you told me the old balls guys are gonna give me crap haha. I am really interested in joining though, and I hope you are ready to start that project when I get back from school. Brad, actually do some work today...
Do some work, yeah that's funny.

I know I said give you crap but I didn't mean it in a way as give you a hard time for being young. There are always anywhere from 5-10 of us younger guys at most of the meets (that's why I want more). I meant it more in the way that they will try and convince new people to join the club which by no means do you have to.

I hope that makes since.
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