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Originally Posted by LowDog View Post
Pretty long wasnt racing, and couldnt cuz of all the people. but rode for a little over an hour. beautifull evening Just cant get my bike computer to work, does that sensor HAVE to be within 1mm from the magnet? Cuz my spokes doesnt allow that

On saturday i will ride down to key biscayne from my place and back, about 21 miles. so thats gonna be awesome, dont think ive went that long on a bike in 10 years lol
i'm more excited about buying this damn bike than i am of graduating tomorrow.

For the next 2 months until construction starts i'm in the sales office from 1pm, so everymorning i will ride, not sure how much i can, as i haven't in years, but once i get better i will start riding to the gym also, 5 minute drive so shouldn't be bad on a bike.

I want this exam out of the way, i finish at 5 pm tomorrow, 5:30 i'll be at the store with my Credit Card
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