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he can do a 330 swap.... 2 options in this case

A) do the 330 swap but get a 328 manifold so that you don't have to switch to drive by wire throttle... (this means slightly less power than a 330 because i believe the 330 maf and intake are a lot larger even than the 328's)

B) do the complete swap and convert to drive by wire

both of those are pretty pricey. my swap ended up being cheap because i found the engine for next to nothing.

if i'm honest 200 whp is probably going to be very hard on that budget. 323's probably dyno around 140 whp stock... with the mods you have that puts you at maybe 160 whp

my 325 with headers put down 165 whp and i have the better flowing manifold. cams will probably be good for another 10-15 whp but other than that, you won't see too much more of a gain without going to the larger displacement.


it looks like the 323 uses the same throttlebody as the 328... that means that it's the same size... 2.5" and you can use the 323 manifold with a 330 motor... but again, it will be less power. i'm sure you'll be over 200 whp with headers and the '330+323 intake swap'
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