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Originally Posted by 02m3csl325 View Post
Hehehe, seeing as I hadn't really thought about this before, this sounds like a great addition but I won't be there for a while so we can talk about the details later, unless you decide to sell it sooner then let me know.

Good point. I think doing headers plus this intake swap along with a shark injector + a tune would be my best and cheapest route to NA power until I can afford my turbo setup in the distant future. I would imagine with all that I should gain somewhere in the vicinity of 30-40wheel don't you think?
30 wheel is pretty reasonable if you do everything you listed. btw i am a fan of ESS's software. that's what i'm running now and although, i got it done with the swap so i don't know which characteristics can be attributed to the tune itself, brandon has mentioned that my car's throttle response feels quicker than his (he's got a 3.0 with headers now... just no software)

Originally Posted by 2wenty6 View Post
I want school to be cancelled. I meant it rained instead of the blizzard, so school still goes on And then I have one test, one homework, two lab reports, and a design project due. These professors and their final assignments..

Sorry for the confusion
aiya macam mana ini.... all of us were confused
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