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Originally Posted by Ghostie View Post
yeah definitely sounds like it....sometimes that's caused by the height of your saddle in relation to the handle bars (if saddle is too high, you slouch forward onto handle bars)................ but in looking at the pictures of your bike, this doesn't look to be the case

Next thing I'd suggest is to make sure your seat is completely level, having a saddle that is tilted even slightly forward can cause you to place all your weight on the handlebars, thus the pain(not to mention, make your bike feel twitchy in handling)

I'd use a Plumb Level or anything that works similar to check first.

If it isn't level, you should be able to adjust it using an allen wrench from your multi-tool

Also, make a conscious effort when riding not to rest on the handle bars........check out the Brian Lopes book I suggested earlier for tips on proper posture on the bike
Cool thanks man ill check if the saddel is tilted when i get home. We had a tornado warning today so looks like im not gonna go for a ride today, but i think my ass is happy about that lol.

When you are sitting on the bike how far from the ground should your feet be? My toes just only reaches when i stretch the leg.
wot m8
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