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Originally Posted by glockman9c View Post

I am doing three Pelican 1600s + for my SHTF situation.

Pelicans are crush proof, water proof, lockable, and float.

These are for throwing in the Suburban and hitting the gas.

Case 1 - Weapons
Case 2 - Normal Survival Stuff (First Aid, Food, etc)
Case 3 - Luxury Emergency Stuff (Clothes, Cat Supplies, More Food, etc)

Below is case 1. (2 and 3 in the works)

I decided to simplify it and shrink it down. My original was a Pelican 1650 (huge) with every handgun I own.

This one has:

(1) Glock 19 with Trijicon Night Sights (9mm)
(2) Glock 19s with Standard Sights (9mm)
(1) Glock 26 (9mm)
(1) Ruger SP101 (.357)

(4) Glock OEM 33rd Mags
(5) Glock OEM 17rd Mags
(6) Magpul PMag 30rd AR15 Mags

(500) 9mm rounds - hollowpoint
(500) 9mm rounds - FMJ
(500) .223/5.56 rounds
(200) 7.62x39 rounds
(100) .38 Special - hollowpoint

(30) Wiretie handcuffs
(2) Maglight Mini LED flashlights
(1) Glock OEM GTL21 light/laser
(1) Glock Field Survival Knife
(1) S&W Police Handcuffs

The idea is that everything stays in it except for the guns. All the semi autos use the same round and magazines and the .357 (for her) uses .38 which is the same as my pocket gun that I always carry.

Pretty simple for her too...throw all the glocks and your gun in the case. The foam is cut identical for all 5 guns so it doesnt even matter how they are put in the case.

Grab the cases, the rifles, and the cats and get in the truck...


(200) 9mm rounds - hollowpoint
(200) 9mm rounds - FMJ
(200) .223/5.56 rounds
(100) 7.62x39 rounds
(30) 12ga shells
(100) .38 Special - hollowpoint

Less rounds, less weight and added shotgun shells.

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