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Amazing. I must have seen at least 30 posts on E46fanatics that claim what Justin did with his blank key will not work. That only the dealer can program the key and they will not do it if you bring one in to them - i.e you have to buy it through the dealer.

Justin, for all the people out there who want an extra remote key and don't want to pay nearly $200 for it, would you give some more information about how you did this?

Most of the keys I see on eBay are sold without the internal electronics. Just hollow shells with a flat blade sticking out. Could you give some more info on where you got your blank key?

And after you got it, how did you get it cut? Does the locksmith copy the groove on your existing key? Does it require a special kind of locksmith?

Congratulations on your success and thanks for some extra information.

Edit: Oh hell, I just noticed this thread started a year ago. And he didn't say that the new blank key would start his car, did he? Just that he has two working remotes. The transponder needed to start the car - you just can't get it on eBay, I'm sure.
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