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Originally Posted by rdp330ci View Post
That's the mamba right? I just picked up the Fisher hybrid Utopia. It's a 29er as well with a 63MM fork. I can do some light off roading and still go FAST on the pavement.

Anyone have any experience with the tire liners? I'm getting flats every month or so.

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i have a utopia as well (as a secondary bike for street use)... How do you like it? I made a lot of upgrades to mine, I couldn't stand the sram junk it came with.

btw, if you are getting a lot of flats, you probably should change your tire. I am assuming you are taking it on light trails? The tires that came with the bike really aren't meant for that- they are more so for "urban" riding. You should probably get a meatier tire, but, of course, it will take away from your street riding.
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