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Originally Posted by rohde88 View Post
The ground height isnt that important. he's asking about seat height to bottom of pedal, this is how "extension" is measured. You should secure the bike and pedal down, at bottom of the stroke, your leg should be mostly extended 80% or whatever you choose less than 100%.

Gloves can make a difference, try a pair...
I agree, a good handle bar grip plus one of those gel type gloves work wonders in cushioning your joints from shocks even in relatively flat terrain like the road. You should wear one. I use a half fingered on when I'm mostly riding road and full fingered gloves on trails. Also make sure your fork is dialled up for you weight.

With regard to seat height, a simple trick I use is to rest my heel on the pedal when it is at it's lowest point. The leg should be fully extended but not stretched. this will be the ideal seat height. When you place your foot on the pedal in the proper position, this will make you leg extend only about 80-85 % which I think is ideal. This applies in XC rides on mostly flat terrain. When you go downhill, it is always best to lower seat height a little for lower center of gravity.

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