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The lightest E36, I don't count the Ti as an honest E36. Is the 1992 E36 325i, all the glass in the car is thinner. They used the same glass in the 95 LTW for weight reduction. Most of them you find are wore the hell out.

Finding a non sunroof chassis is not easy. I have a 95M3 non sunroof white I call the LTW replica. And no its not for sale... Its my track/fun car.

Buy an M3, a four door is actually slightly stiffer chassis than the coupe. The amount of changes is substantial between an M and non M chassis. 97/98 is the only four door M3 years. If you want a coupe a 95M3 is sliglty lighter than 96+ coupe or sedan. S50 is fine for track. s52 is 200cc more slightly more pull down low. My S52 in one of my 95's made 239whp/229trq WITHOUT cams. had everythign else.

TONS of info on how to set one up cheaply for the track. Ive tracked them since 2001. Before that E30M3's, before that E28 535is/turbo.

The E46 is a capable chassis and basically just an upgraded E36 chassis. I am building a 330i track/street car right now for a customer/buddy I'll post a thread on it when I finish. Lets just say its a substatial build.

1. E36M3 four door, especially if you have any kids. the four door is also MUCH easier to haul crap to the track in you can put four tires across the back seat with the seats out.

2. 95 M3 lighter, cheaper to buy,

My favorite mods on the E36.. 3.38 lsd from a 96+ auto, LTW flywheel... Put a square tire set up on any of them you get 17x8.5 or 9 works best.

Look for a non sunroof car. hard to find but worth it significantly stiffer chassis without the hole and lighter up top makes it feel even better on track..
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