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Originally Posted by dinac View Post
i dont need for track, just wonna better brakes
did you made that swap that you cam claim that is worthless?
icant believe that it wont be difference

If you're not tracking, it won't make a difference. Educate yourself on how brake systems work, and what constitutes "better" braking.

For street purposes:
ANY car can lock up the brakes (or engage ABS) if you stomp on the pedal. That threshold is reached when the brakes stop the wheels from turning, and the tires lose grip on the road. In that case, the brakes are doing their job and the tires are the weak link. If you're engaging ABS but still not stopping fast enough for your tastes, you need better tires. The brakes are doing their job just fine.

For track purposes:
Braking performance can be reduced when the brake system overheats, either due to the pads overheating or the brake fluid boiling. Rotors with more mass can absorb then dissipate heat better than smaller, thinner rotors. Good track pads work best under extreme-heat conditions, but even then you need to be able to handle excess heat, and big brake systems can do that better. Brake overheating is practically never an issue for street cars.

Other factors to consider:
Pad life, brake dust, noise, pedal feel. Do these influence whether your brakes are "better?" IMO, yes. I want quiet pads with no dust; and consistent, responsive pedal feel.

Anyway. Disregard our advice and swap it if you like. For street purposes, the driver and the tires are the weakest link in emergency-stop situations.
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