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Originally Posted by ChasCan View Post
littlegti is correct. When you had your alternator tested, you only had it tested for voltage output. To get the full picture, you also have to know what the maximum amperage output is. You can have great voltage, but really sh*tty amp output, which could possibly ruin an otherwise good battery. Low amps would also have your car celebrating "Christmas" with all those lights. Get to a good indy to have a full charging system evaluation, or if you have the equipment, the voltage output of the alt s/b approx 13.2 to 13.8 volts. Amperage output can vary according to your cars equipment package, however it should sit at the 115 to 145 amp range with the idle at 2k rpm & all equipment off. HTH. Chas
You have to really do a full test. Then you will know where to start or what is actually bad. If you can find a "home" for this extra wire, then plug it in. Cars today have male & female connectors & are all are different. If it won't fit, then it doesn't belong there. Chas
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