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Originally Posted by joneperry View Post
yeah i really wanna put the wire on the connection but im just scared cuz i dont know what it is, if anyone knows, can you share some thought on it? i mean Doug if u say the connections are really stable, that means this connection thing must have been off for a year at least because the last time i took it to the dealer was more than a year ago, so im just currious as to what this connector is?
Search realoem.com if you haven't already. Also, search voltage regulators...I know they go bad and show up as odd electrical gremlins in car...and although I do believe the connections are stable and better well should be, I'm thinking that maybe you can live without a voltage regulator. The cable carries power to battery, so the connection has to do something, and I know the alt has a connector...just was there a couple of weeks ago. So, me, I'd disconnect battery just to be safe; plug it in after cleaning it out well and letting cleaner dry...blow out with compressed air? Recon after waiting as long as you can stand to wait...recon battery. Pray that this Doug guy isn't an idiot...which I'm assured by many that I am!

If there's a connector hanging free, and it fits into the alt that has an empty connector, you know that's the one. Every connector it seems has a slightly different config...not all of course, but if it plugs in and there isn't any slack in the line, they were meant to be together.

Anyway, since there's only the alternator and a connector, and I know the alt has a replaceable voltage regulator, I'm pretty sure that's what the connector is for.

Might it have failed...you'll see when you plug it in whether it's firm or not...might've had someone nick it in prior repairs somehow...might never have known.

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