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google can answer almost every question to every problem out there.

Here is a link to a thread that a member wrote up when he did his ebay header install along with tricking the o2 sensor so you dont get the CEL light.

Also, if you're tight on budget, although the ebay header comes to be less than 100 bucks shipped to your door, the installation cost is 300-500 depending on the shop. If you're doing it yourself, it wont be simple and easy and you need the right tools.

However, overall, since you just picked up your vert, start with the more casual stuff then go into more complex mods.

If i were you, i'd first think of getting a muffler, then slowly overtime get the headers, midpipes and so forth.

The thing with modding Ms is that you have to approach it the right way, take your time and do mods one by one over a longer time period. This allows your head some time to visually and mentally understand all available options and pros/cons of a thought out mod before you pull the trigger on any of them.

Never the less, dont rush into anything take it step by step and good luck!
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