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P0015: Camshaft Position, Act B - bank 1, timing over retard
P0014: Camshaft Position, Act B - bank 1, timing over advanc.

If it's a sensor, it's gonna be a EXHAUST one and not the intake. "Bank 1" in the code does not mean "intake", it means Cyl 1-3, Actuator means VANOS, "A" means intake, "B" means exhaust. So, the problem is on the exhaust side. If it's a sensor it's the camshaft exhaust sensor. This is per Rajaie. I initially thought it would be intake sensor myself.

My car ran ok with these 2 codes, not perfect but ok. The fact that yours does not start at all baffles me. The codes went immediately away after I replaced the seals. See my P0014 and P0015 write-up here (esp. posts #6 and # 8):
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