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Originally Posted by stevodotorg View Post
Part number: 41357042323

This got crushed a bit in a hit and run while I was at the gym This place here in socal is quoting me $500. That's their wholesale price because my mother works at a stealership that gives them business. All I need is the dents removed from the side corner area.

The part brand new is $266 from Tischer (part no. 41357042323), although I'm not sure if they will ship it for free and I have no idea how much it would be to have painted.

I have buffed out the scratches quite nicely and everything else is fine, luckily I still have the OEM amber corners to use as well, but they won't fit until its all popped out.

If anyone has any other ideas, options, or knows anyone in the socal region that might be of assistance, please feel free to share!

Damn. That is a sexy car too. You would be surprised how well auto body shops can fix that. it will be a bit pricey though. I would honestly lean toward having it fixed. If you look closely you haven't lost the structural integrity of the panel really at all. It can be easily shaped and bondo'd, then painted. Nbd. You should have seen the quarter panel on my mom's mini.. much worse than this and we took it to a really, really good auto body shop and its like new. even the most trained eye could not tell at all. I am estimating about $300-$400 for this job. in this economy you can get it done cheap, esp. down in irvine you have the world at your fingertips. (lived off of jamboree and the 405 last summer). Shop around a lot.

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