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Originally Posted by AlpWhitE46 View Post
Thanks for that

I just really don't see the car not starting due to the seals...it has to be the sensor!

But after that I'm getting the seals!

So i guess i will order the exhaust one
Rajaie convinced me that with these code the problem was on the exhaust side. Some people though believe that Bank 1 in the code means intake (more by analogy with other codes). I know it can be confusing. Do your own research and make a decision. I personally would go with the exhaust one.

Also before you spend money on the sensor you might wanna check with a mechanic or other knowledgeble members here if it's at all possible for the car not to start because of the sensor. My understanding was that the bad sensor would cause rough idle or something along those lines...

Sometimes it's a coincidence. It could be that the codes have nothing to do with the fact that the car does not start. I'd look into the fuel pump in this situation. It's like in my bimmerfest thread that I gave you a link to a guy was thinking that his rough idle was caused by these two codes and it came out that his spark plugs were the culprit of that...

When you put the key in ignition two position you shoud hear the hissing sound of the fuel pump building pressure for a couple of seconds. If it's not happening look into further fuel pump diagnostics.

Good luck!

Edit: buy ONLY genuine bmw sensor. Tisher would be the best vendor for that from my point of view :-)
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