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Going through the same thing. The gf of 18months and I are done....ugly breakup on both sides. hurts. Sure I am a man and am not suppose to have feelings, but I admit it. breakups suck and hurt all around. Weather they are the right person or not, you become comfortable with them and become best of friends too. Plus for men it is even worse because of how large our egos are. In a breakup, our egos take a hit.

Best advice and most difficult to do.....leave her go....don't talk or email or chat....just let it go. Time will cure all. I know that advice really does not help and is impossible to do because your mind is fixated on her, but it is the best advice. Firstly, if you start chasing after her with calls and emails, you'll lose your dignity and look weak in her eyes. Second, if you totally walk will mess with her head.....she may even come running back to you.
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