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Originally Posted by FALS BMW View Post
If I take it back to the Autozone, and tell them to do a alternator test.

What do i need to look for?
What should I ask the guy?
Any numbers that I need to look for, if so what should it be.

FYI: I just talked to my wife and she said she got home safe, but there are still warning lights on the DASH.
Battery light
Lights on for (bulbs)

Originally Posted by FALS BMW View Post
Any input would be appreciated. I'm thinking about taking the car to the AutoZone tomorrow and get some tests done.

with the car off and their machine hooked up, a healthy battery will be putting out 12 to 13 volts, if not, the alternator could be damaging it.

with the machine hooked up and the car on, you should see about 2 volts above whatever number you got with the car off (about 14 to 15), any less and the alternator is not doing it job correctly, and the car is turning to the battery for extra power, which it shouldn't.

They can get a little more detailed on the alternator with the same machine to check its output a little more precise. Any employee should know how to do this, unless your autozones filled with retards!lol.
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