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[QUOTE=kpeng;11682943]I don't like humiliating people, I just have a low tolerance for people who lack common sense, reading ability, and general human functionality. You humiliated yourself by saying we have 3 fans, and then being incapable of reading post #1 because this thread is 5 pages long. That's like someone asking you to look at the cover of a book, and you saying you can't do it because it's 300 pages long...

That being said, you have your answer. See ya!

As an update for everyone else, I've put a couple thousand miles on the car (in the city), with just the electric fan, and I've yet to have an issue.[/QUOTE]

we will see. good luck with your tranny Mr know it all. Your tranny is on its way to the junk yard especially with the hot Florida summer weather coming up.

1) Do you notice that the E46 M3 has an identical cooling setup as the e46 auto equiped cars? The M3 requires this setup due to the huge massive amount of heat produced by the S54 engine. The mechanical fan and aux fan setup is most efficient determined/approved/certified by BMW Engineer.

2) The non M3 e46 auto cars requires the same efficient/powerful cooling setup because it needs a HUGE temperature differential (delta change) to help cool the transmission. Your transmission is being cooled by the heat exchange. The tranny fluid is being cooled by the "cooler/colder" radiator fluid.

3) Since you orginally removed both the mechanical and aux fan, your tranny wasn't able to cool itself. If anything your tranny was being over heated by the 200 plus degree + (C) engine coolant.

4) You and your friend, Vince are not Engineers. Mr Vince might have an engineering degree but I am sure it is from phoenix online or something. Also you can't compare your result with his since he has a secondary transmission cooler. If anything, by him installing a secondary tranny cooler that action in itself should verify my statement that your tranny is overheating.

5) BMW engineers are smart people and not some tree shades mechanics. They have years of experience and use scientific equipment to test and gather data. They have concluded that in the e46 lineup, the mechanical and aux fan is the BEST SETUP for application that requires the best/most/efficient cooling such as the M3 and e46 auto
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