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Originally Posted by tinkwithanr View Post
LMAO. So what makes you a better person to believe than an Enigineer that has worked on bmw's for years, and someone that is currently using this set up with no ill effects. The tranny is cooled by the engine coolant. If his car isn't overheating, that means that the engine coolant isn't too hot, which means it can still effectively cool that transmission.

Vince only needed that secondary cool in certain instances on his RACE CAR. If a race car, going through the punishment and sustained stress of racing only needs extra cooling occasionally, then a regular street car should really be fine.
Vince doesn't impress me. He is nothing but a douche bag. I remember when he was trying to sell just the INSTRUCTIONS on how to retrofit the M3 paddleshifter into our steptronic for $400.

the irony is that the instructions was so simple that even my retarded roommate could figure out. The instructions consist of like 10 steps and took less than 5 mins but Vince wanted it for $400 bucks.

what a douche.
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