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Originally Posted by PEI330Ci View Post
You don't want to use a longer bolt with washers. Turning that bolt inside the crank will destroy the threads on the crank. I used a 18" wrench to turn the installation tool, and it was on needle bearings to reduce friction. The amount of force it took to press on that damper surprised me, it was a workout.

The OEM damper can be slipped onto the crank with a couple whacks with a hand. Big difference in fit.

Please post up your crank snout measurement, I would be interested to see what kind of deviation might be found. Even though I own 4 M54B30 cranks....LOL
Well thanks for the heads up, can't say I have ever installed an ATI damper so I have to take your word for it. I looked at the tool you made and I see what you mean about wanting to better hold the 2 parts before welding.
I don't have pictures to show but I found a 300mm long piece of M18X1.5 grade B7 hardness C35 threaded rod, the part number on McMaster Carr website is #95245A122.
This should thread into the crankshaft with a bearing similar to the on you used, I found on the same website part number #60715K13 should work just fine. They also sell the nuts but I found a pair in my pocket.
On another note I talked to ATI the other day and the expected wait time is 30-60 days, so I guess I can make the install tool post a few pics and wait till it arrives.
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