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Originally Posted by Nachos23 View Post
How about FCP Groton? How are theirs?
Last year, my 2003 325xi with approx 120K miles started to get a terrible pulsating/vibration when I drove on the highway starting at about 50MPH and higher. That was around march of 2009. Took it to BMW, tuns out it needed new CV axles, the original axles finally gave up. That was a very good run!!! One was leaking, the other one wasn't. So I bought a set of CV axles from FCP Groton last march. I also took the time to replace my shocks while I was it. Put the new axles on (had to change the clip on them, the ones provided are way too large) and my ride was smooth like new again. Just a few weeks ago (early april 2010) the same pulsating/vibration was back....convince that it could not possibly be the axles, I replaced the control arms, bushings (upgraded to the powerflex while I was at it), upper ball joints, the the rods and sway bar links, and also put new rotors and brakes while I was at it.... A complete front end rebuild right?....The pulsating/vibration is still there. Took it back to BMW..... sure enough, it's the Axles again, except this time, none of the boots are broken. The shaft however does have some surface rust, which is to be expected, except that, my BMW ones that were original with 120K miles, had no rust ...... My recommendation, do not buy from FCP Groton, they will mostly likely last you a year. They are Chinese crap, I bought it cause it was priced cheaply. Didn't know they were chinese until I received them though. I've learned my lesson.

Now, I still have my original BMW ones in the garage,.... I wonder if I can clean those out and repack them with new crease and put new boots on them? But then that also makes me wonder, what if the Chinese ones I have on the car now just need a better quality grease? I don't know. I think perhaps I'll just buy some German or US made one. Or stick with OEM, they are super expensive, but they lasted 5 years

Any thoughts?
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