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Originally Posted by mgremillion09 View Post
Im saying screw turner, ill get like 70 bucks cheaper if I buy individually. I can help with the clutch if you tell me what to do. If you have the DIY it should be pretty easy to walk through. Hey are you guys up for meeting up Sunday the 16th if its a nice day. I would like to hang out and maybe go for a drive if its good weather. Meet for lunch then go driving? I know the BMW club does it brad, but why not get everyone else together too. And panara is for old people and women...
You never know what Panera is like if you have never been and Iím not apposed to doing things outside of the club seeing Iíve met up with you and Ryan a couple of times. Iím down for whatever whenever as long as Iím not playing ball.

I use Turner cause they give me good prices when I call because I have an account and have spent so much damn money there.
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