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Student, depending on what you plan to do with this setup, I'd make a couple recommendations:
1) You may find 450lbs front to be too soft for track/autocross driving, depending on the tires you use, the temps, and the surface you're driving on. I'd recommend 550-650 if you want to keep out of the bumpstops up front. (you do) 650 rear is probably pretty good.
2) Avoid the Meyle Control arms, CABs, and tie rods, they just won't last as long as the Lemfoerder. I know this from having used both.
3) Depending on ride height, you should be able to get that kind of rear camber without the camber arms, but they certainly won't hurt.
4) It has been my experience that Ground Control, in general, has no priority on street civility. Depending on how you plan to use the car, you may want to read up on the kinds of bushings they use in their kit, if any. (I'm not familiar with any of the rear camber arm kits)
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