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murph, I uh... already installed everything except for the camber stuff about 3000 miles ago . I'm already feeling like the front springs should be a bit more stiff, but I want to finish up getting the rear sway installed and a few other small things first.

The reason why I'm looking for camber stuff isn't as performance minded as it could be. I have a set of wheels that I'm trying to use that require a bit of work to make fit. They're BBS CHs that have m3 fitment. The fronts are dead even with the fender and so I want to bring that in just a small amount, and the rears have a decent amount of poke to them that I want to reign in a bit to tie in with some fender pulling.

I'm not totally sure I'll be able to make the wheels fit, but I'm not overly concerned about it. If they fit: awesome. If not: I'll have gotten more of the components needed to turn my 330 from a boring to fun in the corners and can sell the wheels to get different ones.

also: IF i get the chance to autocross the car this summer (between working two jobs and taking summer classes) I will, of course, be using a square tire on my style 68s, and not a stretched tire on the CHs.

Edit: I don't mind the rough ride that the ground controls may create. I don't have any old ladies riding around with me to be too worried about
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