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Your GF get jealous of success?

So I'm 23 in a month, Engineer by day, and college student at night. Her and I live in an upper class apartment with my roommate who is never there in a pretty large spread.

But she calls me selfish and says that I am self centered..

Shes 20 in 2 weeks(so shes 19 right now) and is a phlebotomist. What I don't understand is all of her friends are losers, she has 19 year old mother living at her parents house, she takes it upon herself to befriend any loser she can get around and I can't figure out why. Is this because she feels better around them, as opposed to me who has a ZHP parked out back, nice things, high paying job, and is driven?

I dunno..we were out at the boat show looking at ski boats and I had mentioned what qualities I was looking for in a ski boat, and shes telling me that its hard to be around someone that has the ability to sit there and has the luxury of making "man I sure would like that in my boat" claims. I can't tell if she is jealous of my success, or feels demeaned by it. But all of my friends are in their mid-late 20's, college degrees and professional jobs. I always sought out successful people and tried to model certain aspects of my life after that. I asked her the other night if she had ever considered the probability that for the rest of her life, I will probably make more money than her, and is she okay with that being that we are pooling it all together. Well that caused a pissing match dude...just ughhh..but its alot like this..she comes from a broken home, I come from pleasantville. My sister is an Financial analyist for Chase married to an Electrical Engineer, her sister is in pr0n (srsly) So in almost every aspect "my side" has "the upper hand" and I hate it, it sucks beacuse we genuinelly love each other but its hard when at every turn its "oh sharenow has ANOTHER situation/thing that I don't"(ie non-broken family, good job etc)

I dunno I just feel like she resents my success and drive..I work full time and attend school at night, why can't she be supportive? Am I out of line, is there something I can change or is she just gonna be a hater?

So if they hate them let 'dem hate and WATCH THE MONEY PILE UP!

(1) Is she just young and hates someone more successful than her?
(2) Low Self Esteem?
(3) Shes hot

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