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Mark M, thank you soo much.... your girl will NEVER tell you their real number....NEVER... unless you met her as a virgin, you will never know her real number, same as they will never know ours... even if she was to tell you 6, if she had 20 guys, shes gonna drop it to a 5-6, so dont even waste your time asking her... just be happy with her and go on with your life bro... trust me, im very experienced at this relationships crap... they will never tell you the real number.... i have a few female friends at work, they average around 18-20 yrs of age, and they already say theyre losing count, theyve had about 10-15, they think<<. and when they meet a guy, they dont ever tell them the real number. they say about 3-4.... specially nowadays, younger girls are having sex at a age of 12-13-14, imagine when those girls are like 20-25, how many ****ing man have they slept with by then??
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