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Originally Posted by sh00th00ps View Post
Great DIY! Just have a couple of questions though. I bought the buzzer which was more rounded and then switched to the siren which was more or a rectangular shape. But i can't get the siren to activate. I can get it to beep during locking and unlocking but can't simulate a breakin and get it to go off. Did i buy the wrong model or am i doing something wrong? By the way the siren i bought sounds exactly like the siren in your video where you simulate the break in. TIA and once again great DIY!
Easiest way to test it is to roll down the driver side window. Arm the car, reach in and either unlock the door by pushing the button or just grab the handle. The doors should unlock, just open it and it should go off.

work in progress.....

$5 Lock Beep DIY-
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