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Originally Posted by sh00th00ps View Post
Great DIY! Just have a couple of questions though. I bought the buzzer which was more rounded and then switched to the siren which was more or a rectangular shape. But i can't get the siren to activate. I can get it to beep during locking and unlocking but can't simulate a breakin and get it to go off. Did i buy the wrong model or am i doing something wrong? By the way the siren i bought sounds exactly like the siren in your video where you simulate the break in. TIA and once again great DIY!
I just did this mod and am seeing the same thing. My car is set to flash the lights on lock/unlock and the clown nose flashes. I get the chirp, but no siren. I tried opening both the doors and the hood.

There may be a couple of different settings on the alarm related options.

Still a cool mod.
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