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^^yes it matters who's dick or i mean how many dicks she's been sucking's a double standard, as it's okay for a guy to sleep with lots of girls but not okay for girls to sleep with lots of guys IF you want to consider wifeying them for me personally, some guys don't care and are fine with that,which is cool, whatever makes them happy.

It's like if 15+ guys did some girl, maybe even 3 guys at a time and they took turns and once they were done, the next guy or guys would come in the room while everybody waited their turn...most of you would not wifey that girl especially when you know that happened, right? I would not wifey that girl BUT a buddy, not a close friend or anything did wifey her knowing that she probably f'ed atleast 50 guys and he knows most of them....see some people care and some don't care how many ur girls been with....i only wifey'd a virgin and another girl who had 2 before me, personally that stuff bothers me, i'm anal bout stuff like that...i don't know bout you guys
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