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Originally Posted by BimmerDude18 View Post
Adam the only reason I didn't mention 11 mm stuff is that it means you have to play with the alignment dowels and with the holes in the head (redrill them right?) and it starts to get messier.

I really like what Julio has on his block, steel "bolts" that are threaded like 3" into the block, then drilled and tapped to allow head studs to be used on them. Its a nice alternative to timecerts that his machinist came up with.
The alignment dowels are fine. Their role is to keep the head straight before tightening the fasteners, they don't hold any load.

The OD is 13.5mm, the same as for the S54.

If a person was really ambitious, you can mill a set to fit 12mm studs, but I don't think those are necessary at these power levels. Keep in mind Titan is making 2000+hp on their 2jz with 12mm studs....

That's 11hp per CI, and so far the M54 has made it to 2.75 hp / CI with nitrous.

Very cool idea on Julio's block.
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