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...don't care as in hanging out with guys, talking to guys, partying late etc or other stuff like eating too much or being a vegeterian? I'm a bit hard headed too, like i don't care if my gf goes out to party with her friends as long as she's not leading guys on and doing stupid stuff. In general i don't care what she does but i'll give my input on major things, the longer you've been with a girl the more you're gonna care what she does because one day you might marry her... but for the tattoo it's hard to say for you, is she getting some thing that means something? and where? how big? people do judge on how people look or she's just doing it to piss you off. Hard to say for me because i have a half sleeve done and i got it as token of my dad so i can remember him and he'll be by my side forever. But i wouldn't want her to get something that she couldn't cover up. If it was something small or means something special then i'd be the end of the day you can't keep your girl in line about everything, then u'd just be some kind of control freak
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