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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
ive done pullies. i swear up and down the car spools up quicker than it did before, but people say its in my head. i know what i felt. maybe it was just my car and the condition of my pullies and tensioners.
Truth. I dont think they gain any power really, and I dont underdrive the alternator usually (the ecu just runs it harder with an underdrive pulley on there). I think the major factor is reduction in rotating mass. Ordering a PS pulley as soon as I can figure out what company makes the euro kit, or if a US pulley will fit mine.

just registered for the sumo show.

I broke a bolt for the wing when I was trying to take it off to tighten the top part. so the top is now tight to the bottom, but I got one spinning heli-coil on one side, and a broken bolt on the other. was thinking about epoxying it to the trunk, but I'm just gonna roll like this for now.

If anyone is interested in buying the wing to try to fix it just let me know. I'll get ya a good price...
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