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^ the pullies are generally lighter, and sometimes they are gears higher, so they spin whatever accesoriy slower, which is why my steering wheel got heavier after my RE pullies.
It was PS and WP on my kit.
My Rogue units were just barely bigger, id say the WP pulley was maybe 1/4 or 1/8" wider and the PS damn near the same size, maybe 1/16th bigger

In theory, its almost the same theory as drag guys that convert to electric water pumps. even BMW is going this route on their newer engines, the N54 has an electric water pump is i understand correctly, all these combined reduce the parasetic drag, and load on the engine throughout its entire range.
It may not be measureable on a dyno, but it makes for a more efficent motor, as less energy is lost driving accesories. Thats a fact no one can dispute. The less powerful the motor, the more effective that change will be, which is why them Honda boys ALWAYS have them done, as they arent torquey motors.

The day i did mine, i just changed the belts and pullies. as soon as i moved off the steering was heavier, as soon as got on the HWY i rap into the rev limiter, quick. i was suprised at how quickly i hit it, then 2nd gear, same thing, hit it again. in my case, the engine just spooled up a lot quicker.

Id even go as far as to say, if youve got over 100k miles and your on original pullies, if you get aftermarket pullies, YOU WILL notice a difference.
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^^^ do you spend all your free time on two wheels?
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