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Originally Posted by jwm5 View Post
Quick question for the e46 guys, anyone have issues with their wiper fluid tank leaking? Mostly in winter I will notice if I havent driven the car for a few days and it had been really cold out, I will get in the car and the wiper fluid light will be on and I will be low on fluid. I happened to get in the car a few weeks back and the light was on and my fluid was low. I never notice a puddle under the car, and usually I go all spring thru fall without any issues. I am assuming it is a seal or something on the bottom of the fluid tank where it goes into the pump, maybe when it is really cold the seal shrinks and lets fluid leak, but that wouldnt explain how it happened a few weeks ago, and after I topped it up it has been fine since, no drop in the fluid level.

So anyone ever have issues with their wiper fluid being low/leaking or ideas of what to look at on the tank?
Yep, two things can go out. The seals inside the pump and the exterior seal that seals the pump to the tank. If the inside seals fail, there is a little port on the side of the pump that will allow all the fluid to pour out of. If it's the exterior seal, you will notice problems similar to what you're experiencing. I got a new pump and seal from eBay for like $15-20 so I would recommend replacing everything. This was one of the first things I replaced and the cheap old pump is still tip-top.
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