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Originally Posted by snikwad View Post
how do you know the pressure was low? low oil pressure is NEVER a good sign, oil pump at a minimum usually. hopefully its just a bad sensor tho
Hoping, thats what were testing today. the light would flicker on and off... might just need to do an oil change to something that gets a little thicker at higher temps... this was after driving for an hour then sitting in stop and go with 90+ degree temps... only running a 5-30 weight, might bump up to 40-50 weight with my next change

Originally Posted by idriveane34 View Post
ricky... and yeah.

he picked up an e38 and wants different wheels for it... so i was talking to him about his headliner and whatnot. gonna work something out.

i need to sell these milles though.
Ehh I was close for only meeting the guy once. I've seen a few set of millie's on bf.c going recently, prolly have better luck selling them local.
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