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children simmer down.

Op - this is a great thread. lets stop polluting it. Almost every other thread on this site where people swap in non e46 shifters in Xi's have problems at one point or another. So to be safe lets put this. THIS SHIFTER WILL FIT ANY 5/6 SPEED E46 CAR, INCLUDING M3 - Xi OWNERS BUY AT YOUR OWN RISK!

Neil - you and I have spoken, and while the rouge kit or the active autosolutions kits are more "complete" ie. they replace more of the worn parts, actually they replace pretty much everything from the transmission to your hand, at a price close to 300 dollars, they are had to justify for a car worth maybe $5-8K range.This solution offered a large benefit (as demonstrated in the videos and photos) as well as by measurements. (about 3cm shift throw 3-4) at a not so large price.

those of you with non xi cars, please consider this an opportunity, those with xi cars please consider this a cautionary warning. if you do install this and it DOES work w/o problems please feel free to contribute something useful to this thread.
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