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Originally Posted by schulmann View Post
There is a balance between track tire life and road tire life. You have to figure out what is good for you.

I just changed my alignment to -2.5 Front and -1.8 Rear with a KMCA plate (that I really hate).

Before I had -1.4 Front and -1.4 Rear.
I completely destroyed my front tires on track: A set of hoosier and a set of Falken.

This year I am running Toyo R888 and Dunlop star spec Z1.
With the new alignment I have a better grip in the rear when I come out of tight turns.

The front camber is too much for the Toyo unless I heat them up as required.
The problem with the R888 that its operating temperature range is very narrow. They stay easily cold or they overheat.
Next year I will return with the hoosiers.

So the problem with the -2.5 front camber is the loss of braking power ... The ABS gets in very quickly compared to the previous Hoosier/-1.4 setup. However hopefully I will extend the tire life on track.

So your setup seems to be reasonnable if you are doing a couple of track days per year.
Try the Nitto NT01's they are a lot better than R888.

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