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Originally Posted by jose325i View Post
go for 19" csls instead...they will look amazing. Other than that, your plans sound good, and the car looks great!
Originally Posted by DTMdan View Post
Cool man, nice touring.. excited to see what you do to it (+1 on the 19"s)
I hear you guys on the 19's. I'll have to look into the price difference of the wheels & tires to see how much more it is. I just figured I'd go with 18's to save some cash since I wouldn't have to buy new tires.
Originally Posted by mikeyb74 View Post
Very nice touring!
Originally Posted by simsima325 View Post
i like your current wheels nice car

H&R Cupkit would be nice. if ur shocks have 130k on them, you will enjoy having a new matched spring/shock setup, with a marginal drop
Thanks for the thumbs up on the wheels. I like the way the current wheels look too, except for a couple issues. They are curbed pretty bad, some of the clear coat is peeling in spots & I think a couple of them are a bit bent even. Also, they have the fake rivets which I don't mind the look of, but they are a beotch to clean.

I'm sure the shocks & springs are original. New shocks would definitely help. It rides OK, but since I put the heavier 18's on I can tell the shocks are worn. I havent really put much thought into what suspension setup I want to do yet though. The H&R cup kit is a possibility though. I had a set on my old 94 Integra back in the day & I was pretty happy with them.
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