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Originally Posted by kasimmmmm View Post

If you ever see lebron on the bench or going into a time out, he is MAD shift eyed. He is so damn conscious of everything around him, seems like he is more interested in looking great, than BEING great.
Dude seriously pussied out tonight, and after his 7th year in the NBA i would have though he would know what to do. I was expecting some serious over-drive but he just crawled under a rock. He honestly doesnt even look like he give a flying ****.
Very, very good point. I think that most people haven't caught on to the fact that Lebron is more about fame and fun as opposed to winning and competition. He likes the lifestyle and environment of playing basketball more than the challenge of tearing the heart out of his opponents and being the best at all cost. Not that it's a bad personal characteristic, but, it seems to me that Lebron is more of an entertainer than a competitor...which probably makes him a fun person to be around, but it also doesn't translate into athletic greatness.
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