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Originally Posted by w0w View Post
+1, his decision this summer will say a lot..
Yep. This is going to be an interesting crossroads for him because it will indicate what kind of a competitor he is. Is he the type that actually has the kind of heart that causes him to believe he can be a champion wherever he is, or will he throw in the towel and leave for "better opportunities"? If he comes to NYC, well, not that I'll be upset lol, but I will definitely lose a little bit of respect for him. NYC will offer him that lifestyle I suspect he craves. But if it's all about competition and proving to everyone that he is the best, well, then he will stay in Cleveland. If he stays in Cleveland then I will gain a lot of respect for him, because it shows he's the kind of competitor that is unique to His Airness. MJ had the kind of killer instinct that made him believe he was going to win in Chicago at all costs.
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