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Originally Posted by Evidence View Post
I know it's been said, but imma say it again....this is why he isn't better then kobe.
Jordan/Magic/Bird/kobe....hell even fckn paul pierce(no that im comparing him to these hall of famers) knows that when the game is on the line you demand the ball and take over. It's your team, your the captain, you make the plays...

you don't get the ball at the top of the key and pass the ball to delonte west. you demand the ball and take shot after shot and will your way to a win.....or atleast fckn try.

even if he hurt his arm....kobe has a broken finger on his shooting hand,bad back, bad knee, alot older and slower and you will never see kobe play like that in an elimination game.....he will force shots, go 1 on 4, attack the basket and put it all on his shoulders before he passed the ball to luke walton to make a play.

it's been like this since day one....he wants to be a billionaire...and im sure he is going to do it.....but the hype of him being the best player in the just a marketing tool, he sells jerseys and product....but he isn't winning rings
mos def. i wouldnt be so disappointed in lebron tonight if he just kept jacking up bricks. instead, he just passed the ball off to the rest of his team, which wasn't playing well anyways. boston didn't even break 100 points tonight. if lebron would've just kept the ball and kept forcing the situation, there'd be a decent likelihood that the cavs would be getting ready for game 7
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