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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
wrong wrong wrong

lebron will win the championships once he is on a better team.

he obviously was depleted because he couldn't do it all himself.

how could you bring up kobe and MJ when they had a stellar supporting staff not to mention a strong bench

lebron has NONE of that. he's like the patrick ewing - all talent - no championship due to a mediocre team.

coco you're way to hard on lebron - he will get the trophy soon enough and smash it on your face

then put it in the butt of reiger guy - then smash it on the heads of the mods on this forum.

then the new people too because they buy high mileage used bmws

EXACTLY he will win a title one day, there is no doubt this is the best supporting cast he has had but kobe has always had better players around him PERIOD.
kobe has only won titles when he has a great team around him, 3 with shaq in his prime.

what did kobe do when he had no real team aound him from 04-07??? he didnt even make the playoffs one year and lost in the first round the other 2.

no matter how great a player kobe is he has only ever won titles by having a great team around him.
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