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Originally Posted by coco savage View Post
i wondered when someone would make this stupid comment.

triple double that was almost a quadruple double because he had 9 turnovers!

Yes its choking when you dont win the series. This is a team sport, and when your team loses individual stats mean jack sh1t
yeah....but ur blaming one guy for the loss....

Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
wrong wrong wrong

lebron will win the championships once he is on a better team.

he obviously was depleted because he couldn't do it all himself.
They built that team with Labron's approval, cant use that as a crutch. I also wouldn't say he has NO ONE around him either.

IMO, the Celts (I fvcking hate them, and Rondo looks like a rat child) played great team defense. They shut down Labron. They got him out of his zone. The other players didn't really deliver like they needed to (except Mo).

They are so use to leaning on Labron in the clutch, they kept feeding him the ball in the 2nd half, when it was clear he wasn't going to go off like he can. He'd bring the ball up, make the outlet pass, and they'd force it back to him downlow into the double team.

Regardless, the CAVS lost, NOT just Labron. He didn't play great, get over it.

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