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Originally Posted by Born Again View Post
this is an open discussion -if you don't like it leave the thread u created - so you are -1

I'm not into circle jerks where we are just so all agreeable
sure its an open discussion but all your points have been refuted, and then add in your hypocritical post......thats whats fail.

If you want to discuss something at least try to read and comprehend points made against so you can properly respond. Instead of ignoring the points you cant come back to, and just bring up new more silly points just to be inflammatory and a troll.

Also, really "get out of your own thread"

Reignman's and a few others have made many quality posts why lebron and the cavs choked. As well as why he is shouldering the blame. Go back and respond to those first
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Originally Posted by Black107 View Post
he's just the resident off-topic ball breaker. Dont take it personally.
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