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4th Race video added above.

Originally Posted by drivrswntd View Post
Looks good dude. How's the e46 compete with Sean's car and the likes of the other jp e36's?
Watch at the 8:00 mark of the 4th race video, that pretty much sums up the weight/HP ratio difference of our cars. He's making about 12.4 lbs/hp and I'm making 14.4 lbs/HP. I figure if I did some motor work I'd be at 13.1 lbs/HP at the very best. I think with my car fully built like like his I'd be very competitive at tighter, more technical, tracks, but it couldn't win at VIR, TWS, etc...

His BL this weekend was a 1:52.9, which is stupid fast for a JP car, mine was a 1:56.3. Hankooks are supposed to be 1-1.5s quicker than my NT-01's, and I think I can get about 20 more HP out of the motor. Then I could do a better diff, better wing, BBK, and some other stuff. But even then, I don't think my car could do a 1:52.9 at TWS, no matter who's driving it.

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