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Originally Posted by BMWstudent View Post
Are you having your wheels balanced for higher speeds? Hitting resonence at 160mph would be terrible for your lugs and hubs.
While you're correct about the consequences of an imbalance, there's no such thing as balancing for a certain speed. A wheel/tire is either balanced or it's not, regardless of the speed. It's just a matter of having it done correctly and meticulously.

Originally Posted by SDKmann View Post
While I am fully aware of the damage that can be done if you hit a bird going 170 mph I don't think you should be attempting this if you're thinking about turning the wheel often at these speeds. Jerk the wheel to avoid a bird at 170 and we will be reading about you in some memorial thread.
Which part of him specifically stating he'd move the wheel 1/32 (3%) made you think he'd "jerk" the wheel?

If he's seriously considering this, his question is valid. He's looking for feedback from anyone else that's gone that fast in this body style. Did the car float? Did one end get light before the other? Did it feel darty and require a lot of input to keep it mostly straight?

Given that he's asking about the effects of such a small wheel movement makes it seem like he's acutely aware of the dangers involved in these speeds.
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