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Originally Posted by xixixi View Post
to put the xi myth to rest. it does fit it will fit anyone that wants to argue this is an idiot the levers are the same the install is different. just like turner motor sports said SS headers don't fit xi's... i called SS and they said they do fit. after 12 hours they were on my car. If you don't drive an XI don't spew trash that you have no proof of. You are only repeating the same trash the last guy with the same disease he had it will fit it will fit it will fit it will fit xi's i don't give a rats ass about "mark" or this diagram or that diagram. how many ssk has "mark" installed on an xi??? how many ssk have you installed on an xi??? Speak from first hand or **** too much he said she said bullsh!t.


Originally Posted by itscoo2pyopants View Post
thanks op for taking time out to post a DIY
You are welcome.
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